The moulded pulp package products can be used to produce the protection layer for electronic wares, buffer packing material, edge protector and fixative packing material.


The moulded pulp package products can be used to produce a seedbed tray, seedbed pot, fruit tray and egg tray for agricultural industry. The pulp seedbed tray is easy for automatic transplant, and it can be directly planted in the soil. The seedbed tray will decompose automatically, and become nutrition. It saves labor cost, and reduces the harm of waste.


Our company's water-permeable and environmentally friendly molded pulp package of grass planting bricks can replace traditional cement grass planting bricks. The grass planting bricks can effectively protect the turf and grow into a fully green parking space. Not only is it easy in construction, the hollow brick type has good water permeability, which greatly improves the water accumulation after rainy. In the past, cement grass planting bricks broke under long-term heavy pressure and caused people and vehicles to be harmed. Molded pulp package of grass planting bricks will return to nature after a long time of decomposition, and will not affect the environment.


Special operation
Molded pulp package products can be used for many purposes, such as Christmas ornaments, masks and some special shape that general flat papers cannot meet the shaping requirements. Pulp products can also be used for post-processing requirements such as coloring, dyeing and printing.


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The pulp molding products, L-shaped paper corner protectors and paper corner protectors produced by our company are the most environmentally friendly reuse concept packaging today. It is 100% recyclable and has excellent plasticity and practicality, In addition to comprehensively protecting your goods during shipping, let your products have more care for the earth. I believe that consumers will have more confidence in your products.

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